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I managed to convince my parents to sign me up for a lacrosse clinic yesterday. It taught me basic things about holding crosses, how to scoop ground balls, and several lax terms (the word 'lax' yes, being among them.) Tomorrow, Friday, they will hold another clinic where we will focus on catching and passing as well as game tactics. The game tactics part I'm rather scared about. Many capable lacrosse players have signed up for this clinic, leaving me, a newbie who actually needs help with this stuff to fend for myself and flail awkwardly in the distance as I try to not get hit in the face with flying balls.

Though I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, it's quite clear I'm rather out of shape. Not physique-wise, but more in my stamina and breath control. It's embarrassing to be winded after only three laps around the field when no one else is. I sure do hope that my athletic activities keep up so I can get back into shape. On the swim team I was known as the one kid that couldn't even do a pull up oh my god what a loser and I sure do hope that that's not my reputation on my future teams. Yesterday I tried to do a pushup and fell on my face into the wet dirt. (It rained halfway through practice.) That wasn't fun. I was wet and dirty. Ew.

Anyway, I've been trying to find volleyball programs in my area, but most of them end up getting cancelled due to low turnout. Why does no one around here like volleyball? I remember going to a volleyball open gym once and sitting for twenty minutes straight waiting for someone else to show up. No one ever did and I just ended up setting against a wall until my parents came to pick me up. That was a sad and desolate time. Will history repeat itself? Aw man. I sure hope it won't. I signed up for two volleyball drop-in teams (as in, no tryout required—yay) and both of them seem to be on the brink of extinction, and with it, my hope for this season.

Either way, I still have lacrosse going on, and my friends and I are trying to pull together a pickleball team. I'm not sure how that will go, but... Well, lacrosse is still a constant, right? It's starting to feel like we're a real team, which we might as well be. Apparently we have a game this Saturday and I would rather get hit in the head multiple times with a volleyball than embarrass myself on the field.

But! I will try! And will I die? That is almost a definite. Well, what a wonderful way to go!

beesocks: a darling floof, a precious kitty. what a flat face. blue eyes. a pure perfection. (Default)
This journal is going to be about my sports adventures. Recently, I quit my swim team of two years and overall ended a swimming "career" of five. I had been tired of swimming ever since around the second year of it. But did I still continue with it? Yes, I had to. My parents were obsessed with having their child be an Olympic athlete and they were convinced I only had talent for swimming. ("Ouch," I said every time.) Because apparently not knowing how to play equates to having no talent! Teach me how to play other sports and maybe I'd actually be good at them! Jeez, I don't know. Branch out a bit! Try something new! If you're not enjoying what you're doing what's the point of it!?

So anyway, I've finally managed to convince my parents to let me quit swimming. (And by that, I maybe mean I annoyed the coaches so much with my constant wishing and focusing on playing other sports that they finally approached my parents about letting me do what I want for once. And by approached my parents, I mean they came up to my parents and told them that they need to take me off the team, because I wasn't happy and having a "sad spirit" on the team "dragged everyone down." Was I a burden to the team? Yeah, I guess. Apparently. Look, I'm not proud of what I had to do to get off the team, but now that I'm finally in control of what I want to do, I vow to be a better teammate and more cheery.

The sports I have chalked up to be fun from what I've heard and seen and what my parents think of them are:
(Indoor) Volleyball - my mother has a very biased opinion on volleyball and is insistent that I am too clumsy and slow and talent-less to play it. So of course, it's first on my list.
Ultimate Frisbee - my parents are okay with this, mainly because they think it's people standing still and playing frisbee in a big square.
Soccer - very popular. my parents are okay with this so long as I'm not goalie because for some reason they do not appreciate goalies.
Lacrosse - this is the sport my mother would prefer me to do. I think it's fun and nice, and for once my mother and I agree on something. my father, however, is convinced I will turn into a "preppy high-strung white rich sorority girl" if I play it.
Fencing - long long ago in a universe far away, my mother wanted me to be a fencer. however, she decided I once again had "no talent for it." (by the way, I was four when I tried it.)
Horse Riding or Equestrianism or whatever it's actually called idk - "no. absolutely not." says my parents in unison every single time I bring it up.
Sepak Takraw - even this one I myself am not too sure about. It's not from my culture, so would I be accepted if I tried to join a team?
Rowing - (courtesy of the Olympics!) my emmer once tried to do rowing. They quit on their own terms, my parents didn't tell them to. My parents would probably be fine if another one of their kids tried it.
Pickleball - my mother suggested this to me after I expressed the want to play in a table tennis (ping pong) match. I've actually taken more of a liking to it than table tennis.

Yeah, I know that's a lot of sports and I probably can't do all of them at once, but hear me out! I will try them all. I will. (Well, maybe not sepak takraw. We'll see about that one.) But I will try all that I can and I will play all of the ones I want. I can absolutely manage multiple sports at once! Don't look at me like that! I can definitely do this.

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